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From the Women's Empowerment Principles to Sustainable Development Goals to submission of Briefs to Government, BPW Alberta works through its local clubs, national and international federations to demonstrate not only our commitment to gender equality in the workplace, marketplace and community but also to end poverty and strive for peace and prosperity for all.

Briefs to the federal government are developed mainly by local clubs and passed at the Provincial and National Conferences/AGMs. They contain directives to urge the government and/or specific ministries to take some sort of action. Opportunities to meet with the ministries affected by the resolutions enclosed in the brief are requested/granted. These meetings provide a further opportunity to strengthen our relationships with decision-makers and to reinforce how and why we feel our resolutions should be implemented.

Below are some of the past resolutions championed by our local clubs. You can also search for recent resolutions submitted by BPW Calgary and BPW Edmonton through our National Database by entering Alberta in the search filter.


 1935 – Hours and Wages for Domestic Workers

 1937 – Study Amendments to the British North America Act

 1937 – CBC to Continue Ban on Liquor Advertising

 1939 – Oppose Export of Metals for Munitions

 1946 – Women in Civil Service

 1946 – Wife entitled to Household Savings

 1962 – Amend Wording in the Equal Pay Act

 1962 – Amend Unemployment Insurance Act

 1964 – Establish Clinics for Sex Deviates

 1964 – Establish Forensic Clinics

 1966 – Women in CBC Management

 1970 – Taxation on Investment Income of Clubs

 1970 – Taxation on Student Awards

 1970 – Taxation on Families; Deduction of Childcare Expenses

 1970 – Old Age Security Tax and Pensioners

 2013 – Identification of Businesses and Individuals with a Risk of Sexual Exploitation to combat Human Trafficking

 2014 – Declaration of a National Equal Pay Day Across Canada

 2015 – Reaffirmation of the Declaration of a National Equal Pay Day Across Canada

 2016 – Reaffirmation of the Declaration of a National Equal Pay  Day Across Canada

 2016 – Supporting Women in Non-Traditional Careers

 2017 – Increasing Women’s Participation in Politics

 2017 – Increasing Women’s Participation in STEM Fields

 2017 – Increasing Women’s Participation in Corporate Boardrooms


  1944 – Minimum Wage Rates

  1946 – Wartime Price Controls to Continue

  1946 – Income Tax Exemptions for Lower Income Groups

  1948 – Continue Food Parcels to Britain

  1948 – Remove Medical Expenses Limitations

  1958 – Exemption for Housekeeping Services

  1960 – Prohibit Trading Stamps

  1960 – Publicize The Work of The Women’s Bureau in Ottawa

  1960 – Training For Mature Women In The Workforce

  1962 – Study of Contributory Pensions

  1966 – Amend Section 9 of the Estate Tax Act (Situs of Asset)

  1970 – Deleting Old Age Security Tax For a Targeted Income Bracket

  1972 – Appointment of Human Rights Commissioner

  1972 – Admit Women to Military Colleges

  1972 – Financial Qualifications For Eligibility For Senate Membership

  1972 – Allow for Maiden Name To Appear On Married Women’s Passport

  1972 – Crediting housewives a Portion of the Contributions of the Employed Spouse 

  1974 – Amend Section 146 of the Income Tax Act (RRSP)

  1974 – Record of Earnings To Include Statement Of Unadjustable

  Pensionable Earnings, Amend CPP

  1978 – Agricultural Land Use Designation

  1978 – Protection of Personal Information on Government Documents

  1980 – Vocational Training For Women Offenders

  1980 – Improvement of Postal Services

  1982 – Computer Literacy For Women

  1984 – Criminal Code Definition Of Pornography

  1988 – Free Trade & Impact on Women

  1988 – Meech Lake Accord & Equality Rights






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