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BPW Alberta is an incorporated and registered society with clubs in Calgary and Edmonton. Members come from diverse occupations and industries with a broad range of work and educational experiences. We are also part of an International Federation of Business and Professional Women dedicated to improving the lives of women globally. 

Our local clubs in Calgary and Edmonton have regular monthly meetings with guest speakers who inspire and motivate us to fulfill our mandate and our passions.

Members pay local annual membership fees, a nominal amount remains at the local club level with a large portion contributed to Provincial, National and International bodies to support women across Canada and abroad as well as to allow participation at the United Nations’ Commission for Status of Women's annual event to voice our priorities on the world stage.


BPW develops leadership skills and advocates for women by bringing guest speakers to our monthly meetings who help us identify where the gaps in legislation and social practices exist or provide us with insight into areas that require our special attention especially with respect to current events.

Our focus on business leadership skills allows us to learn from women in positions of influence and power to learn about current practices and challenges in many areas of Alberta businesses and the professions so that more women can be empowered to occupy decision making roles.

We advocate for women by meeting each year at an annual general meeting to debate resolutions that are prepared by local clubs. These are then presented to leaders in government to start dialogue and influence policy.

Clubs have active Advocacy or Resolutions Committees that assist BPW Alberta in formulating future policies and lobbying on important issues affecting women and their families.  We also have a commendation process through which we strive to applaud the efforts of governments, individuals and other organizations with similar mandates.






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